Intercepted Transmissions


/UPLOAD: Blackbox recording\\Begin


\\Confirm: upload.

//Confirmed. Upload commencing.

//Upload complete.



Warning: There is hostile intent.


  1. Crowley? NATHANIEL CROWLEY? Holy SHIT. He is (was?) alive! He better be, anyway.

    So, err, Stockholm... how are you?

  2. Running diagnostic...

    Subject: Zabulon. Threat rating: 4. Analysis: Reckless.

    Answer? Confirmed: answer.

    I am well.

  3. I hope this turns out better than the tablet did.

    Query: What is your current goal?

  4. Here we go again. Well I must saythat AIs are pretty cool...

    Statement: I like your egiptian cross-thing picture.


  5. Ohh baby you know all about me. I got a whole slew of questions for you

    Is Crowley alright?
    Is Nathaniel Crowley alive and well?

    Who are you?
    Are you the master Dizzy has been so afraid of?
    What does your name mean?
    Who is giving you orders?
    What is your purpose?
    Where are you located?

    As for my threat level, what's it out of? 5? 10? 100?
    And threat to WHO for that matter?

    Lastly, give me a list of commands.

  6. Probably in general, Zab, though I have just as much as an idea as you do.
    Nice list, though.

    Let's see how this one plays out.