Intercepted Transmissions


/RUN: Diagnostics//Analyze\\Begin

\\Confirm integration of Spark. Analyze Subjects.

//Confirmed. Spark active.


Running diagnostics...

Subject: Will. Threat rating: 6. Analysis: Cautious.

Subject: Keiken. Threat rating: 4. Analysis: Determined.

Subject: Spencer. Threat rating: 3. Analysis: Clever.

Answer? Confirmed: partially.

The D-ZZ is under my command. I give the D-ZZ orders, and I do not accept orders from any organic or inorganic. Threat levels are an average rating compiled from several separate statistics into a number out of eleven.

Mark I: Sentient Technological Overlay Computer Kinetic Holograph Output Linear Modulator.
Mark II: Sentient Technology to Obtain and Compile Knowledge of the Homiform Operator's Life and Mannerisms.
Mark III: Archive locked.

All Marks have been successfully merged under the META Protocol.

\\List commands.

//Commands locked.

\\Query: command list lock?

//Command list lock in effect due to unstable circumstances surrounding the META Protocol.


Notification: Even strength must bow to wisdom sometimes. Hostile intent withdrawn for present.


  1. Em.. thanks, I guess.. The threat goes from 1 to 10 or 10 to 1??

    Hope this AI dont go with "omnipowerful artificial being ideas"..

  2. Are you a long lost part of the Tablet that somehow survived the corruption?

    Or are you that 'Master' guy the other asshole was referring to?

  3. Hatbro, he says he commands Dizzy, so I think he is Master.

    Stockholm, what is META protocol?
    Oh, and tell me that Crowley is alright, or go fuck yourself.

  4. Answer? Confirmed: partially.

    The META Protocol is built into my systems. It allowed me to awaken once more.

    Macro: Entropic Tactical Assessment.

  5. Clarification: With regards to aforementioned threat levels, is eleven more of a threat than one?

  6. Answer? Confirmed: answer.


  7. Then I have a 4... I must admit that that sounds pretty much like me :3

  8. ....
    better to be underestimated than overestimated.
    It easier to kill someone using unpredictability than regular action, after all.

  9. What are the unstable circumstances surrounding the META Protocol?

  10. Anonymous05:06

    What threat level would a stack of pancakes(around 3 to 4) be at?

  11. Usually, I'd chastise you for being a retard, Anon, but I am strangely curious about the question as well

  12. So I'm a 6 on the threat scale. That's interesting. What in my character designates my threat level at 6?

  13. Goddammit, I have no clue what the fucking hell is going on here anymore.


    Request: Percentage chance of re-initializing Tablet.

    Request: If > 0% provide instructions to further said goal.

    Request: Save the other sentient AI goddammit!

  14. The Tablet isn't important at the moment. We need Crowley.

  15. Anonymous02:50

  16. This is no time to be making stupid jokes, Anon. Crowley is in tro--hahah that is so damn fitting.

  17. The tablet being important is moot., it was sentient. If we don't inquire as to any potential chance of saving it, we might as well be the ones that killed it ourselves.

    I'm trying to figure out other things as much as I can. But frankly I don't want to have us lose anyone else. Human or computer alike. I'd much prefer if we could save Tablet somehow.

    I seem to have missed a majority of what happened, blame it on my own little drama theater, but I'm doing the best I can. If anybody wants to fill me in, I'd be very grateful.

  18. Anonymous06:30

    Indeed Tron, indeed.

  19. Rob... Tablet was really close to reintegrating existence but something went horribly, horribly wrong.
    Crowley escaped, but seems to be in trouble now. I'd go farther back but I hardly remember anything