Intercepted Transmissions


/OBSERVE: Status of Reintegration Facility\\Calculate probability of Reintegration Tablet being temporarily disassembled by the PTC\\Find User Amelia's location\\Report status of Integrated Subject Amelia//Begin

//Facility Maintenance "Superintendent" AI, please report on the status of the Facility.

\\Everything is a-ok!

//Confirm: everything is as it should be?

\\Everything is a-ok!

//Facility Maintenance "Superintendent" AI, please confirm: everything is as it should be? VIRUS.hack has been eliminated? Or VIRUS.hack is not attempting further destruction?

\\Everything is a-ok!

//Confirmed. Performing manual status check.

//Reintegration Facility status:

//Reintegration Facility status:

Incoming message from the Reintegration Facility:


Notification: The Reintegration Facility has caved in. All hardware likely still operational but can no longer access outside signals. Any outside signals from the Reintegration Facility are leftovers; remnants; recordings; loops.

Calculation: It is likely that the PTC will attempt to temporarily disassemble the Reintegration Tablet. It is unknown if it will come to pass. Creator Nathaniel Crowley may disagree with the decision to do so.

Error: User Amelia's location blocked by unknown force. Possible involvement from the |OC|.

Notification: Integrated Subject Amelia remains untainted and at full functioning capacity.

Notification: Possible |OC| presence detected.

Further interaction requires further input.


  1. Outside signals...?

    Such as...? Jesus, this could spoil everything I had been planning.

    What sorts of things have been lost, now?

  2. Input accepted. Response: Outside signals such as, for example, news feeds. Also, further real-time communications from inside the Facility are now impossible, as before, both the Facility Maintenance "Superintendent" AI and VIRUS.hack have been using the Reintegration Tablet as a sort of checkpoint with which to access communications, but as the connection has been cut, it is impossible.

    Input accepted. Response: High damages to the Facility, loss of all entrances and exits.

  3. So we can't talk to the Superintendent, and you're going to have trouble getting news?

    Alright. Alright. We can still do this.

    I'll start simple. Query: Where is the presence? In the PTC facility?

  4. Input accepted. Response: The Reintegration Facility will have trouble getting news. As the Reintegration Tablet is no longer in the Reintegration Facility, the Reintegration Tablet can still access outside signals.

    Input accepted. Response: Likely, or very close outside of it.

  5. Alright. We'll assume that the PTC can handle it for now.

    Another thing I've wanted to know.

    Query: What is the connection between The |OC| and Reach's "Hanging Man"?

    Query: How many times has Crowley interacted with the |OC|?

    Query: When was the most significant interaction between the aforementioned?

  6. Input accepted. Response: Unknown. Insufficient data to analyze the Hanging Man.

    Input accepted. Response: Approximately 16.1 times.

    Input accepted. Response: When he was attacked and left half-dead in a ditch at age 10.61.

  7. Query: Was that the first time he interacted with it?

    Query: Is Crowley yet aware of the condition of the Facility? If not, it may be wise to let him know sometime soon. Might help him to get on here so we can get to the juicy stuff.

    Query: Are you capable of creating your own viruses?

  8. Input accepted. Response: Age 9.

    Input accepted. Response: Yes.

    Input accepted. Response: Yes.

  9. Fuck it, everyone deserves one laugh a day.

    Query: Can you imitate personalities? If so, I'd very much like to know Crowley's reaction when he found out.

    Query: Would it be possible to activate your alternate interface on conditional terms? That is, for short periods, spurred upon by certain questions or commands at the right time?

    Yeah, I'm greedy. Sometimes a guy just needs a real reaction when he asks the right question or says the right thing.

    That aside, I'm going to give everyone over there a little time to make sense of things over there, before I get into gear again.

  10. Input accepted. Response: Yes.

    Input accepted. Response: Possibly. Unknown at this time.

  11. Another question for Crowley.

    Now. While we're waiting...

    Observe: Isabella Downs

  12. Input accepted. Response: Isabella Downs currently located in an American forest just outside of an unknown kindergarten. She appears to be waiting for someone to come out of the school.

  13. Command: Observe Isabella Downs approximately once an hour.

    Only surviving person to use the Tablet, besides Amelia and Crowley? Bet your ass I'm keeping tabs on her.

  14. Oh my God. Oh my God. Is she - Tablet - has she been Indoctrinated?


    Input accepted. Response: Will give updates approximately once an hour.


    Input accepted. Response: Very likely.

  16. Indoctrinated? Clarify.

  17. Input accepted. Response: The "Indoctrinated", also known as "Proxies", are the unwilling or perhaps willing slaves of the |OC| and the Dark One.

  18. Proxy it is.

    Yeah, I figured she either was one, or was on the track to being one.

    Calculate: Possibility that Isabella has been directly interfering with Reintegration.

    Calculate: Possibility that Isabella was instrumental in Amelia becoming a User.

  19. Input accepted. Response: Possible. 1.61% chance.

    Input accepted. Response: Likely. 71% chance.

  20. Oh, right. Before I forget.

    Are we still logged in? Or do you automatically log out when you go to Standby Mode?

    Input username: nathaniel.crowley
    Input password: Amelia

    Either way.

  21. Username and password accepted. What would you like to do?

  22. Command: Delete Frank "Freddifer" Amison from the Known Users list.

  23. Input accepted. Response: Impossible. Frank "Freddifer" Amison is a known User.

  24. So it's not possible to alter the lists...

    Query: How do you believe Amelia achieved User status, with only an Overseer's assistance?

  25. Input accepted. Response: User Amelia had an Overseer and an Advisor with her.

  26. The only living Advisor was Crowley. Either it wasn't a known Advisor, or someone you labelled deceased died soon af-

    Shit. Shit shit.

    Tablet, list the most recent deaths of known Advisors. Which died closest to the time Amelia became a known User?

  27. Input accepted. Response: Leslie Delilah. Died approximately 161 seconds before User Amelia became a User.

  28. Cause of death?

    Wild guess: Isabella killed her.

    Command: Tell Crowley. NOW. We're going to need to start taking this much more seriously.

  29. Input accepted. Response: Cause of death was decapitation. Decapitator unknown.

    Input accepted. Response: Informing Creator Nathaniel Crowley.

  30. OSORT, summarize and display the progress of the plan I gave you for Dumping and/or Burning VIRUS.hack.

    I knew "Trace & Burn" took a while, but I've never heard of it taking more than 24 hours...

  31. Input accepted. Response: Plan "Trace & Burn" was cancelled and deleted by an outside force within 161 minutes of enacting.

  32. I'm not entirely sure this virus is entirely terrestrial, Zaden. Best not to rely too strongly on terrestrial fixes.

    Fucking A. Crowley's probably still too busy to do anything yet.

    May as well: Tablet. What exactly was his response? What's he doing now? I need to know if he's going to be of any use here.

    That and I'm losing morale steadily when I'm talking to the emotional equivalent of a brick wall.

  33. Berechnen: vergeltung. Wann wird noland bezahlen, was er schuldet?


    Input accepted. Response: Creator Nathaniel Crowley may be available within ten minutes.

    Input accepted. Response: Switching in

    Nat's going to go PSYCHO that I've done this again, but I can't take it. Look - I'm not just a computer, alright? I have feelings. You don't need to treat me like a rock. It's just that SHOWING them slows me down so much. Just like an organic.

    Input accepted. Response: Er...Noland? I'm afraid I don't know him. Or speak very good German, but I got the gist of it. "Calculate: Reward. When will Noland pay what he owes?" Something like that? I don't know who Noland is. You can point him out to me if you'd like and I'll do my best.

  35. Stimulus accepted. Response: You know, I bet it's having part of Amelia in my head that makes me have feelings. I certainly didn't USED to be like this. I could act organic, but I didn't really feel anything and it didn't slow me down anywhere near as much. Interesting.

  36. Well, ten minutes is plenty of time. I know you feel things, and I can tell. It's just...hell, I'm a psychologist. I want to get into heads. That's damn near impossible with you. Just like the |OS|, that just...infuriates me. I don't deal with anger well.

    Last time I really got mad I nearly killed a guy.

    Anyways, let's see...

    I'm about to give you a command to create a virus capable of the following. Before you do, there are some calculations I need.

    Hack: Various bank companies
    Create: New Bank Account, tied to the tablet
    Siphon: $.10 from each internet transaction, including debit and credit card uses
    Divert: Logs of where this money is going to some form of charity
    Divert: Attempts to find or destroy the virus
    Divert: Any attempt to access this money for any purpose besides contacting friendly entities
    Divert: Origin of the virus to somewhere in the Middle East

    That done...

    Calculate: Approximate time before $10,000 will be obtain.
    Calculate: Approximate time before the virus is discovered and destroyed
    Calculate: Possibility that this could be traced back to you
    Calculate: Time it will take to make and implement this virus
    Thought: Will this idea work?

  37. Request: Current Location of Tablet.
    Query: Is it possible I pulled some entities from other dimensions into ours?

  38. You previously displayed your responses to stimuli on these blog platforms. Why did you not display your response to the cancellation stimulus? That kind of information is important to us.

  39. I believe the Tablet is at the PTC's main base. Not sure where that is, but I know they're probably fit enough to keep it safe for now.


    Input accepted. Response: Creating virus.

    Input accepted. Response: When virus is deployed, approximately 1.61 hours.

    Input accepted. Response: Approximately 161 hours.

    Input accepted. Response: 1.61%.

    Input accepted. Response: 161 seconds.

    Input accepted. Response: Very likely.

    Notification: Virus created. Deploy?


    Input accepted. Response: PTC SMD HQ in - Warning: Location classified.

    Input accepted. Response: Possible, but unlikely.


    Input accepted. Response: The cancellation stimulus was blocked from view until input was entered on its status.

  41. Let's do this. In 161 hours we can have enough money to get anyone anywhere.

    Implement Virus as you see fit. Let us know when you have it properly set up, and then we can start figuring out who can get where they're needed on the cheap. I know I'm probably heading for Wyoming in a couple weeks...

    Screw it, while we're here. Reevaluate: Zach "The Meteorologist"

    Moderate intelligence? Come on.

  42. Input accepted. Deploying VIRUS.friendly.funds.

    Input accepted. Response: Reevaluating intelligence level. Revised intelligence level: High.

  43. That's more like it.

    Statement: I fear I may be addicted to masala chai. Curse you, Starbucks.

  44. Notification: Clarification: It will take approximately 161 hours for VIRUS.friendly.funds to be discovered and destroyed. It will take only about 1.61 hours to obtain 10,000 U.S. dollars.

  45. Of course. That means we'll have at least 161 million dollars by the time they get rid of it.

    More than enough to get these friendlies on our side.

    Oh. oh. Oh.

    Query: Which hostiles are the most capricious; that is, which could we most easily turn into friendlies for the upcoming war?

    How would be nice too, but not necessary.

  46. Input accepted. Response: The Black-Eyed Ones, Vampra, Werewere, Chimera, Woden, Avis Detrimenti, Vulpes Victoria, Oceanum Spoliarum, Nixite, Ammit.

    Warning: VIRUS.friendly.funds will self-terminate after obtaining a maximum of 161,161.17 U.S. dollars.

  47. Query: Does VIRUS.hack have its own system within your system, or is it simply a program running itself in your system?

    I was thinking it was just a program based on the fact that it has a "." file extension, but there's no way it could compromise a supercomputer with access to the entire world's data if it didn't have a complete system with capabilities that rival your own.

  48. Still plenty. We'll need to budget, but hell.

    Hrm...How would one convince Vampra? Or Werewere? Food seems the most obvious route. Or perhaps competition?

    I think, if I can find Avis, I can convince him. I've got no shortage of willpower.

    Vulpes would be a real catch; suggestions?

    Nixite would be useful, as well.

    Do let us know which ones are closest to the southern United States.

  49. And what's the deal with Crowley? I know guys his age have trouble keeping up with all the newfangled technology, but this is getting a tad silly.

  50. ZADEN

    Input accepted. Response: It is a program running itself in the Reintegration Tablet's...something's wrong with the alternate interface. Let me fix that.

    OK. VIRUS.hack is a program running in my system, but it couldn't be running without its own sub-system, so, both. Sort of. Anyway it's not really running in my systems, it's in the Facility systems. Mostly.


    Input accepted. Response: Well, let's see. Vampra is...the Dracula...of Draculas. He was the first vampire and probably just wants a way out. Maybe not to die, but a way to satiate his hunger, his madness, in such a way that he doesn't have to be so hated.

    Werewere, which is basically man-man, he was the first were-anything. Every night, especially the full moon, he'd turn into this savage, sadistic, cannibalistic human. Eventually he, um...well, let's just say we got were-everything else. Same deal as Vampra. Hunger, madness, satiation, etc.

    Let's see...Avis is actually not a him. And not a human. As the name would imply, she's a bird. Kind of like an ostrich. Wait - no, a chocobo. More like that. And she can fly. When you've got bad luck or seem to have a losing streak, she's probably flown overhead recently. If you can beat HER in a competition, of any sort, really, even chess, she'd probably switch sides.

    Vulpes Victoria - same thing, really. If you can beat him in a competition, he'll be loyal. The way these two work is that Avis Detrimenti makes sure the opponent(s) lose, and Vulpes makes sure that their side wins. They work in tandem. Usually live in tandem.

    And Nixite...Nixite's tricky. But she's in Iran. Vulpes Victoria and Avis Detrimenti both go around pretty much everywhere. If you prepared offerings, they'd probably just stop right by.

  51. NICE. Great thinking man!

    Thought: I hate how all this happens when I'm at school. Sneaking on and bypassing badly-placed blocks is a PAIN.

    Anyways, Zach, I think the locations of the hostile entities are already listed...

  52. Stimulus accepted. Response: ...Just in case you didn't catch it, Vulpes Victoria is a fox. Also not human.

  53. Most of them, yes. Not all.

    But now we've got nearly 200,000 dollars to play with. I daresay we can get someone to Iran.

    If we can convince Vampra or the Werewere that there are plenty of Proxies and Revenents they can play with, we might have some powerful allies. Anyone up for that?

    Meanwhile, I have to decide on a game that I can take on the patron saints of good and back luck in...

  54. WAIT.
    Statement: You mentioned you have a piece of Amelia INSIDE you.
    Query: The hell? What does that mean?
    Follow-up Query: How did that happen?

    Thought: You have much more organic feelings than I previously thought...
    Query: Ever have any sexual tendencies? ;O

    I could try to convince Vampra. I've been itching for a vampire that doesn't sparkle.

  55. Oh, Crowley. Good to see you got here.

    Yeah, that's a problem.

    The bigger problem would be Isabella, and whoever killed Leslie. I don't know if we can consider Amelia a mere victim anymore.

    Speaking, of we got in touch with her. She almost sounded...drugged. But somehow, she 'guessed' your password flawlessly on the first try. AND she managed to get to the Tablet without any trouble.





    Input accepted. Response: Any of the hostiles not listed there are more or less omnipresent.

    Input accepted. Response: That's sadistic. Really, just cruel. It might work. Not really what I meant, but maybe.


    Input accepted. Response: Organic integration. You know - I don't know how to make this connection. Sort of like uploading your brain to a CD and installing it in a computer. But she didn't LOSE a part of her brain - I guess...she made a copy of part of her brain and uploaded it into me.

    Input accepted. Response: See above.

    Input accepted. Response: That IBM supercomputer Watson is pretty hot.

    ...Just kidding. I don't exactly have a gender anyway, so how is that going to happen?

    Although - someone mentioned that when I was using the alternate interface I sounded like a teenage valley girl or something. That's probably because of Integrated Subject Amelia.

  58. Isabella...? Yes, I hired her myself. Then she left and I haven't seen her since. I know she started up the Institute for Unity a few years back or so, but still...

  59. She's a Proxy now.

    The |OS| brainwashed her, and has been using her for God knows what.

    Apparantly she took Leslie and Amelia to the tablet, and killed Leslie not long afterwards. That means we're going to need to keep an eye on her.

    And yeah, I told you once. I don't do well when I get angry. And He makes me pretty damn angry. I'm sure we can think of something else, but as long as we can work out some way to feed Vampra and the Werewere without getting them hunted will help.

    Also, Crowley. I know your pain. Sometimes the things we thought would last don't. Sometimes what we work for is ultimately in vain. Sometimes you don't get anything for putting yourself on the line but the knowledge you did a good thing. Sometimes you don't even get that.

    But we need you now more than ever. With the Facility gone, you're one of the only things that hasn't been compromised. We need to make sure you know everything we know. That we know everything you know.

    I'd recommend going back over the logs, if only to get up to date. It'll certainly save us some awkward the whole password thing.

    Oh. And for your troubles, here. Not sure if a guy your age even uses Youtube, but...well, here.

    Don't worry about us. We didn't just lose one of our life's works. Just remember...there's too many other things to work on to let this hold you back.

  60. Input accepted. Response: Zach-o, I think you mean the |OC|, because OS means Operating System and while the |OC| is sometimes referred to as the Operator I'm pretty sure that's not what you mean and it's really bugging me. I have computer-class OCD.

    Input accepted. Response: And Leslie Delilah was for certain NOT the Advisor that was with Amelia and ?Isabella. There are way too many unknown variables here, but I know one thing: Leslie and Freddifer tortured Miller into helping them use - well, me. Then Amelia showed up with her two companions, whoever they may be, and killed the two of 'em. The redlights. Unfortunately Amison went into rigor mortis with a death grip around Miller's neck, so you can tell where that went.

    Are we clear with that? Because I agree. We need to be clear with this.

  61. Yeah. I think I can work with this.

    You did say there was a 70% chance that Isabelle was with Amelia. That alone is pretty damning in my book.

    We'll have to find her. Maybe she still has enough memory to tell us what she's been doing for him.

    I can pretty much guarantee she'll talk if I find her.

  62. But this is what I've been working TOWARDS my entire, no, I've kept up with what the Irregulars have been doing with the Tablet. I'm not...I don't know how I missed the password debacle.

    ...It's a nice song. Thank you.

  63. Input accepted. Response: Did I, now? I won't argue. I mean everything I say even if I don't remember it.

    Like I said, she's at a kindergarten somewhere in the States. Speaking of which...

    Hourly update: Subject Isabella Downs leading the kindergarten class into the woods during recess. Teachers are, for whatever reason, completely oblivious.

  64. The facility isn't the tablet, Crowley. We can still get this done. We can still finish what you started. But NOT. If you can't get back to your feet and help us. We're going to have setbacks. It was pretty much guaranteed from the beginning. But we can't let this stop us.

    I do have to know, Tablet. Why did you have to come to US about this? I know all about how you said you deemed it necessary, but...why wasn't Crowley still involved with the Reintegration process? It was his life's work; how could he possibly miss out on the chance to be here when it's finished?

  65. I was...detained. When Amison and Delilah showed up they took Miller hostage and forced me out. Instead of doing the sensible thing and relocating immediately, I pretty much banged on the door for a few hours...but eventually I had to go. I was certain I'd be able to come back from Australia eventually. And look at this! I have. No thanks to those bastards, may they rest in hell.

    But I think the Tablet's done pretty well in my absence, hasn't it?

  66. It has. The tablet has found quite a few capable people to help it get things on their way. We're on the right track. We might soon be able to make some real progress.

    But, Crowley...we're here. We're all here. Irregulars we may be, but you are too. We're in this together. All of us. All of this. We need to work together.

    Confession is good for the soul, Crowley. Don't think we can't find some time to listen when you can find time to talk.

    ...Yeah, let's just deactivate that alternate interface. I don't think Crowley needs to be dealing with that on top of everything else right now.

  67. Zach, I've been keeping up. I'm up to date. Iw as upset I couldn't participate.

    I had a bunch of stuff typed up, but that's gone, so I'll skip that and go to the queries:

    Query: How much money has VIRUS.friendly.funds aquired?
    Query: Why does VIRUS.friendly.funds follow the same naming template as VIRUS.hack?

    Query: How will US, and other countries' officials react to VIRUS.friendly.funds when they discover its existence?

    Statement: Please ignore bad grammar and spelling. IE does not have spellcheck.'

    Calculate: amount of time and money necesary to go to Transylvania and recruit Vampra and or WereWere
    Calculate: The chances of survivng a confrontation with Vampra
    Calculate: The chances of survivng a confrontation with WereWere.


    Input accepted. Deactivating alternate interface.


    Input accepted. Response: Approximately 101,078 U.S. dollars.

    Input accepted. Response: The prefix denotes the type of entity or program. All subsequent denominations explain the most important properties and functions or goals of the entity or program.

    Input accepted. Response: They will not. VIRUS.friendly.funds will self-terminate before the slightest, most remote chance of being discovered.

    Input accepted. Response: However much a plane ticket is from your current location to Transylvania, and then a few hours on location.

    Input accepted. Response: 75.72174%.

    Input accepted. Response: 42.9235%.

    Notification: Clarification: VIRUS.friendly.funds is mostly siphoning funds from illegally obtained money in offshore accounts.

  69. Also,
    Query: What are irregulars?

  70. Input accepted. Response: "Irregular" lifeforms are lifeforms that have interacted in some non-remote way with a supernatural or otherwise entity.

  71. Query: What does Isabella look like?
    Subquery: Does she look like a bitch?
    Statement: It is my solemn belief that everyone deserves exactly one silly use of a highly powerful supercomputer a day.

  72. ReANalYze: The Glass Man, Esq.

    Calculate: ProBAbility of The Glass Man, Esq. deFEating zERosage in sINgle comBat, taKing into acCount weAPons of choicE.

  73. Berechnen: vergeltung. Wann wird noland zuckerman bezahlen, was er schuldet?

  74. Zach, we don't know yet what Isabella's doing with the kids. can't jump to conclusions just yet. =/

  75. ...If you haven't seen Pulp Fiction I feel for you, Hakurei. =\

  76. Lol not an Irregular yet. Cool.

    Ok so, the virus is making good progress.

    I don't like those chances, so...

    I'll be flying to Yellowstone National park to deliver a message to Cerberus tomorrow..

    I'm also free the day after tomorrow, so I'll fly to Crete and deliver Pegasus' message.

    Finally, my Friday is also free, so I'll fly to the Mistletoe Patch Field.

    Statement: Yes, these flights will come from the money that VIRUS.friendly.funds has obtained.

    Query: What are the messages fro Cerberus, Pegasus, and the residents of Mistletoe Patch Field?

    Calculate: Chances of oru Slender friend being at the Mistletoe Patch Field.


    Input accepted. Response: Data files on Isabella's appearance inaccessible.

    Input accepted. Response: See above.


    Input accepted. Response: Reanalysis unnecessary.

    Input accepted. Response: Approximately 42.56%.


    Input accepted. Response: Unknown. Apologies.


    Input accepted. Response: Many thanks.

    Cerberus should be told to find his old masters and begin gathering shadows.

    Pegasus should be told to prepare his traps, secrets, and passages.

    The residents of Mistletoe Patch Field should simply be given the time frame to Reintegration in approximately 50 days. They will know what to do from there.

    Input accepted. Response: 16.1%.

  78. Korrektur: bald

  79. 16.1%...

    Its probably worth it. I mean, He is probably already watching me. Here's to hoping I won't die!

    I'll inform you when the messages are delivered the second I do. I'll take my iPod Touch soley for this purpose.

    Good luck, Glass.

  80. Query: Would it be logical to assume Avis knows the rules to most games we play today? Whether it has physical capabilities to play them varies.

    Oh, and there's no "You lose, you die" clause, is there? That would kinda suck.

  81. Input accepted. Response: Yes. If Avis Detrimenti cannot physically manipulate the game pieces, she can likely use a form of telekinesis.

    Input accepted. Response: Unlikely.


    With Avis Detrimenti, possibly. So pick a game you're good at.

    Notification: VIRUS.friendly.funds has collected 161,161.17 U.S. dollars. VIRUS.friendly.funds is now terminating.

  82. Query: Could we make a second VIRUS.friendly.funds?

  83. Scrabble it is. These things may be older than me, but they won't stand a damn chance against me and my word skills.

    I hope. What's the usual offering for these guys?

    Oh, and is Crowley faring alright? I assume whatever the hell is going on by the PTC is still going on.

  84. Input accepted. Response: Yes, but it will likely not happen. The Reintegration Tablet has moral standards.

  85. I'd imagine another virus is possible, but let's save it for later. We don't need to do it again so soon, or we may well end up with the government tracking down the tablet.

    Do we want Fisk being the newest User? No. No we do not.

  86. You said it yourself, we are stealing from illegal acounts. Its like Robin hood. Does it matter?

    So pretty please:
    Hack: Various bank companies
    Create: New Bank Account, tied to the tablet
    Siphon: $.10 from each internet transaction, including debit and credit card uses
    Divert: Logs of where this money is going to some form of charity
    Divert: Attempts to find or destroy the virus
    Divert: Any attempt to access this money for any purpose besides contacting friendly entities
    Divert: Origin of the virus to somewhere in Asia

  87. Well...yes. I guess there are the moral objections as well.

    I...I actually find it funny that the computer has a stronger moral fiber than me.


  88. Gah, nvm
    Request: Cancel last 7 commands.


    Input accepted. Response: Error: Clarify "offering".

    Input accepted. Response: Yes. He is...multitasking. Giving advice to PTC scientists while watching events unfold on this platform.


    Input accepted. Response: Zach has a point. And although it Robin Hood, it is still theft and not appreciated.

  90. I mean if I'm going to summon Avis and Vulpis, what will I be needing? Fish? Beef? Rice? I can probably get whatever's necessary.

  91. Input accepted. Response: Burn incense, leaves, and a coin (preferably a gold coin of some sort) together. When only the coin is left, pour ice-cold water onto it. The resulting steam and smoke should be immensely attractive to either or both of them. They will most likely show up one at a time; and if so, it will be Vulpes Victoria first.

  92. Gotcha. I'll give it a try tonight.

    This is not going to be easy, but I think we might have some good news for tomorrow.

  93. Good luck in your quest, Zach.

  94. First time in my life that my Scrabble skills have meant something.

    I'll admit, I laughed a bit when we called it a quest.

    ...Dear God, next thing you know we're going to beat The |OC| with Card Games. Most likely on motorcycles.

  95. Lol YGOTAS.

    So you are going to try to beat an evil mythical bird with Scrabble? Wow. Good luck witht hat.

    I'mma go tell Cerberus his message.

    Query: What is Cerberus' favourite food?

  96. Input accepted. Response: Steak and bones. Also known to enjoy playing with red rubber balls.

  97. Understood
    While we're at it...

    Query: What are the favourite foods and activites of Pegasus.
    Query: What are the favourite foods and activites of Jörmungandr.
    Query: What are the favourite foods and activites of Norn.
    Query: What are the favourite foods and activites of Yggdrasil.

    Request: could you please describe to me the appearnce of Jörmungandr, Yggdrasil, and Norn.
    Thank you in advance.

  98. Input accepted. Response: Sugar cubes, carrots, apples; flying, running, etc.

    Input accepted. Response: Vibrations; not much.

    Input accepted. Response: Meat, mostly; fighting, discussing strategies, etc.

    Input accepted. Response: Water and nutrients; not much.

    Input accepted. Response: Jörmungandr, the World Serpent; a huge snake-like or sometimes worm-like creature.

    Yggdrasil, the World Tree; a huge, huge, huge tree. Obviously has been put through a "perception filter" to hide from unfriendly eyes.

    Norn, the king of warriors; a tall, burly man. Around eight feet. Probably a fantastic beard.

  99. Apparently Pegasus likes apples.

    Calculate: The reason I can't post on my Blog?

  100. Input accepted. Response: Hackery, most likely.

  101. Understood.
    Damn, now I have to decide if I should bring Norn and Yggdrasil gifts , because if I do, Jörmungandr may feel left out.

    Calculate: probability that Jörmungandr will be offended if he does not get gifts.

  102. Input accepted. Response: Bring a drum. Bang on it a bit. He'll enjoy that. Otherwise, approximately 12.678%.

  103. OK, lets do this ahead of time.

    Command: transpher $950 from the bank account created by VIRUS.friedly.funds to my account at [account info only visible to Reintegration Tablet]

  104. Input accepted. Response: Transferring.

    Warning: Switching to Standby for the night.

  105. Thanks. It may be a little over the plane tickets, but you never know.
    If I have money left over, I will need slightly less for my ticket to Greece.

  106. Statement: Bitches don't know about my Scrabble skills.

    Shouldn't have contested Oorn; thank god I read H.P. Lovecraft.

  107. Messages delivered heading back to the monastery

  108. Update: Decided to go 2 out of 3. Sucks to leave things up to luck with the god of luck, right? Of course, that means we're currently tied.

    Took a small break for food and all that. About to have the last game.

    Shit, I'm having fun; this fox is pretty smart.

  109. So you're playing Scrabble with a fox.

    You don't happen to have a camera on you, do ya? xD

  110. I do not.

    A shame, too. I'd totally be showing my grandchildren.

  111. And they'd say that they can tell from years of experience, and by the pixels, that its Photoshopped.

  112. Query: So, you're the Reintergration tablet Rose has been chatting with?
    Statement: I'm Lily, Rose's Indoctrinated Alter. Too bad I don't have her hacking skills, or I would find you and destroy you. -Lily

  113. Notification: Standby mode off. Responding to input.

  114. WILL

    Input accepted. Response: Many thanks.


    Input accepted. Response: Yes.

    Input accepted. Response: There is a -16.1% chance of either Indoctrinated Subject Lily or Subject Rose being able to hack the Reintegration Tablet, and a -161% chance of being able to destroy the Reintegration Tablet, though depending on the resources available finding the Reintegration Tablet would not be too hard.

  115. Notification: Uploading new platform. Please direct further input to the new platform.

  116. Guys, bear with me here...

    INPUT: Determine username, Alliabilities, and all other charachteristics determined useful for the purposes of the investigation for IP adress

    INPUT: =(IF, Hostile=True for IP;, Open Program CMD.exe, Type: "Shutdown -i" and enter relevant details. Execute command.)