Intercepted Transmissions


/REPORT: Results of Secondary Equinox Event//Quaternary Solstice Event//Counteract "Tortoise" program\\Begin

\\Reboot in safe mode.


//Safe reboot successful. Subjugated Terminal 008 apologizes for the delay. What would you like to do?

\\Query: What occurred on the Spring Equinox of the year 18681?

//Answer: First Directive 60 failed due to intervention from Irregular Subject 15.

\\Initiating First Directive 3. Target: Irregular Subject 15.

//It looks like you're trying to assassinate an Irregular. Would you like help?

\\Commence First Directive 3.


\\Analyze: Likelihood of Irregular Subject 15 terminating within seven solar days.

//Analysis: uploading. Complete. Analysis available for review by S.T.O.C.K.H.O.L.M.


\\Analysis results not within acceptable margin. Reanalyze.


//Reanalysis available for review by S.T.O.C.K.H.O.L.M.

\\Analysis results have not changed. Calculate percent chance of error.


//Approximately .2% chance.

\\Analyze: Most likely objective of Quaternary Solstice Event occurring in the year 18681.


//Analysis impossible at current juncture. Subjugated Terminal 008 apologizes.


\\Create: "Hare" virus to counterattack and eliminate "Tortoise" program.


//Creation will take approximately 96.6 minutes.



  1. I'm still waiting to see what this contraption can manage.

    I miss Reintegration Tablet, sometimes.

  2. Reply? Confirmed: reply.

    Why? I am a far superior platform.

    1. You know, if memory serves the story of the tortoise and the hare ends with the hare losing.

      Why'd you name your attack program "Hare". Seems like a dangerous application of story structure.

  3. KO, KO, don't trust KO

    carbonated fears spritzed about when the can cracks
    bottled hopes chucked deep into the frothing soda ocean, spheres constructed to pop

    bubbles built to bust