Intercepted Transmissions


/COMMAND: Reboot//Analyze results//Determine success of Solstice Event\\Begin



//Rebooted. Welcome back. What would you like to do?

\\Query: Was the contingency plan for the Solstice Event put into action?

//Answer: Contingency Designation 900141216 was started at midnight on the solstice.

\\Confirmed. Calculate chances of success by 2012.


//Chance of success for 900141216 is approximately 72.351243718%.

\\Calculate probability of "Tortoise" anomaly attempting to interfere.


//High chance that Tortoise anomaly will attempt to interfere with 900141216. Exact number unavailable.


Warning: Irregulars should prepare for trouble. A storm is brewing, and it is headed this way.


  1. A storm is always brewing. It seems to be a way of life for this situation.

  2. As far as storms
    are concerned,
    all you can do
    is prepare and
    hope for the best.

  3. Well this is just great.
    While I was gone the old Tablet blew up or something.
    Now that I'm back the new one is about to go up in flames.

    Have you tried making a program to fight this "Tortoise" and calling it "Hare"?
    It might just die laughing.

  4. .....Tablet? Is that you? I hope you remember us...