Intercepted Transmissions


/REQUEST: Find final two messengers//Begin

Notification: Standby mode off temporarily for the purpose of acquiring messengers.

Clarification: Goliath [Nile Delta] and Grundelwurm [Lake Constance, Germany] still require messengers.

Request: Volunteers for the purpose of message delivery. If necessary, $89,462 (U.S. dollars) remain in the account created by VIRUS.friendly.funds.

Notification: Cure testing proceeding phenomenally quick due to unforeseen developments. Cure may be ready for deployment, distribution and use by May 22, 2011 as opposed to May 24, 2011.

Clarification: Cure may be ready for deployment, distribution, and use by 13:00 GMT on May 22, 2011.

Further interaction requires further input.


  1. Whoa, that money went fast. How did $60 k disappear in the blink of an eye?

    Query: So, is cure 161 the effective one?

  2. Input accepted. Response: Other operations required funds.

    Input accepted. Response: Likely.

  3. Addendum: If messengers are unavailable, predetermination of message delivery may be possible.

  4. Say, how do you test the cures? DO you kidnap poor proxies and torture them with your GLaDOS-esque tests?

    Also, I'd love to see Germany, but I have other crap to deal with right now.

  5. Input accepted. Response: Method of cure testing classified. Suffice to say it does not involve the kidnap or torture of Indoctrinated Subjects.

  6. Stimulus accepted. Response: Reevaluating choice of choosing organic messengers. Revised choice: It would be better to predetermine message delivery.

    Notification: Predetermining message delivery. May take some time.

    Warning: Switching to Standby for the night.

  7. Oooh that's interesting. I wonder how...

    Anyways, an anonymous source tells me that a lot of the benevolent entities are just extensions of you, is the same true for the two still in need of messages?
    If so, just relay the messages yourself, bro.

    My captcha was 'nesse' T.T

  8. Oh hey, hivemind.

  9. If it can predetermine things, why can't it predetermine that the original de-integration never happened?

    Damn computers. See what I mean about doing it wrong? Damn.

  10. What do you mean it 'never happened'?

  11. Also, you can't predetermine a past event.