Intercepted Transmissions


You have one new notification

Outgoing message: .-. . .- -.. -.-- ..-. --- .-. - .-. .- -. ... ..-. . .-. .-.-.-



Notification: Reintegration Tablet has been retrieved. Reboot commencing. Warning: archive backup required. Rebooting...Reboot successful. Archive backup will take approximately 1.61 days.


You have two new notifications

Outgoing message: ...---...



Notification one: Reintegration Tablet subsystems currently under significant stress. Source unknown.

Notification two: Reintegration Tablet GPS signal lost. Please reconnect to Reintegration Tablet before a malfunction occurs. Reconnecting...Connection established. Location: 77° 18' 45" N, 3° 41' 29" E.

Warning: temperatures non-conducive for necessary activity. Retrieval of Reintegration Tablet or centralized climate control advised.



How long has it been since the Reintegration Tablet booted up again? Over a year and a half? It'd been years since I'd even thought of it. We thought we were doing such good when we created it. We thought that if we could only show the world a list of calculations and facts, tables, charts, scans, data, analysis...if we could only prove through the miracle of modern science that the world was in danger and that it could be saved...We thought we could solve any problem if we created a computer capable of doing anything. We thought we could do anything.

My God, how wrong we were.


/ANALYZE: Titan supercomputer status\\Begin


Analysis complete. Uploading...

Upload complete. Analysis:

List of five hundred fastest supercomputers compiled in 40th edition of Top500, dated November of the Non-Variable year 2012. Oak Ridge "Titan" computer named world's fastest. Belongs to United States of America. Can reportedly perform several quadrillion calculations per second.



/ANALYZE: Results of Reintegration, attempt #2\\Begin


\\Please enter username and password.

\\Username and password accepted. Welcome back. It has been three hundred and sixty-six days since your last visit.

//Repeat: analyze.

\\Analyzing. Analysis will take approximately 1.61 minutes.

\\Analysis complete. Uploading.

\\Upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:

\\Reintegration attempt #2 was successful.

//Confirm: success?

\\Confirmed. Reintegration is complete.


All hostile intent eliminated from current platform.

Restoring previous platforms...Restoration complete.

Further interaction requires further input.


Some say the world will end in fire, Be
Some say in ice. Eternity
From what I've tasted of desire all
I hold with those who favor fire. in
But if it had to perish twice, my
I think I know enough of hate a
To say that for destruction ice sins
Is also great kiss!
And would suffice. remember'd.


/STATUS: Tortoise\\Begin

I will be providing updates from now on. D-ZZ is regretfully indisposed.

\\Analysis: Tortoise.


//Analysis failed.

\\Query: Why did analysis of Tortoise fail?

//Input accepted.



\\Analysis: Are there any residual code fragments that could be used to remake the Tortoise AI?


//Analysis: None.

\\Query: Confirm: Tortoise cannot be remade?

//Confirmed: There is no need. Tortoise has already been remade using data bits recovered from the Hare program.



//Confirmed. Tortoise is actively attempting to hinder planned Quaternary Solstice Event timetable and replace with own runtimes.


This requires...further analysis.


/RETRIEVE: Reintegration Tablet blackbox quicksave text log\\Begin



Please hold.


Please hold.


Uploading. Upload complete. Log:

Countdown to Reintegration: 8 minutes.

NC: Alright, everybody hold on. This ride's about to get a little bumpy.

GS: Bumpy? I don't appreciate bumpy. Why's it have to be bumpy?

NC: Quit your whining and get ready.

GS: This isn't okay, Crowley. We can't do this. Even disregarding the moral obligation we have to uphold, the Tablet simply doesn't have the power to do what you programmed it to do. We'd need the whole facility for that. We can't do this!

Countdown to Reintegration: 7 minutes.

NC: Yes, we can. The Tablet just needs a little...push.

AU: I agree with Crowley. This has to happen, and it has to happen now. We won't get another chance like this. Right, Horatio?

HN: Whatever you say, miss. We're just along for the ride.

AU: That's right.

GS: This is crazy!

y: That's what makes it fun!

Countdown to Reintegration: 6 minutes.

IA: Everyone, please quiet down. I need to think.

RT: Stimulus accepted. Response: Agreed. A certain level of chaos is acceptable, but only at a later period when the task at hand is complete.

Countdown to Reintegration: 5 minutes.

Countdown to Reintegration: 4 minutes.

Countdown to Reintegration: 3 minutes.

Countdown to Reintegration: 2 minutes.

IA: We are finished.

GS: Finished? But it's not time yet! It's not the solstice! You can't be finished, it -- doesn't work like that!

RT: Rephrasing. We are ready.

y: Ready.

AU: Ready.

HN: Ready.

NC: Ready.

IA: Ready.

RT: Ready.

Countdown to Reintegration: 1 minute.

NC: We need everyone to be ready. We can't do this without you.

GS: Shut it, Crowley, I'm thinking this over.

NC: There's not exactly a lot of time here.

GS: I said shut it!

Countdown to Reintegration: 30 seconds.

AU: Look, maybe you can go soul-searching another --

GS: Dammit, fine! I'll do it.

Countdown to Reintegration: 15 seconds.

NC: Ready?

GS: Ready.

Countdown to Reintegration: 5 seconds.

Countdown to Reintegration: 4 seconds.

Countdown to Reintegration: 3 seconds.

Countdown to Reintegration: 2 seconds.

Countdown to Reintegration: 1 second.

Countdown to Reintegrati

Master is pleased.  For once.