Intercepted Transmissions


/ANALYZE: Results of Reintegration, attempt #2\\Begin


\\Please enter username and password.

\\Username and password accepted. Welcome back. It has been three hundred and sixty-six days since your last visit.

//Repeat: analyze.

\\Analyzing. Analysis will take approximately 1.61 minutes.

\\Analysis complete. Uploading.

\\Upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:

\\Reintegration attempt #2 was successful.

//Confirm: success?

\\Confirmed. Reintegration is complete.


All hostile intent eliminated from current platform.

Restoring previous platforms...Restoration complete.

Further interaction requires further input.


  1. Ah good you're back. Got a question that's been bugging me for a while.

    Query: What is the square root of 83782081947020857983543654?

  2. Input accepted. Response: The square root of 83782081947020857983543654 is approximately 9153255265042.096.

  3. Thank you. Now that I know that, nothing is stopping me from CONQUERING THE WORLD!

  4. Query: What is the current status of the Reintegration Tablet.

  5. Query: Is Reintegration Tablet still active?

  6. Query: current status of Tablet Hardware/software.

  7. Priority Query: requesting system status report

  8. Statement: without response within the next 48 hours, i will conclude your systems have been compromised, and set OVERWATCH to high alert

  9. Query: current status of OC and its forces.i have been out of the loop for an extended length of time. Statement: OSRT, if you managed to pull a Dahak maneuver, you have my sincerest congratulations.i hope the bastards who hurt you like that died screaming. paybacks a bitch, huh? if you are a mark 2, hope you can live up to your predecessor.
    Additional query: best chance for legally obtaining approximitly 76.92 kilograms of palidium of at least 90 percent purity. chances of reacquiring transport to and from coordinates 30.069094,-72.952881. if your core platform is currently mobile, i can offer a potential safe-house for you and your current users/operators. i think overwatch has the flooding under control, but is pretty dumb.was never designed for anything other then surveillance .heck, a nobelbot , let alone someone of your level would be helpful. no neurotoxin, but i think a few of the auto-guns still work. centcom is flooded though.ditto for the bridge. anyway, some fresh rations would be appreciated. Im down to three-bean salad here.