Intercepted Transmissions


/UPLOAD: Results of "Tortoise" analysis\\Begin

Warning: upload commencing. Prepare for data drop. Uploading...

Upload complete. Analysis ready for exhibition.

Subject: Tortoise. Threat rating: 9. Analysis: Subject Tortoise almost definitely rogue AI gone corrupt after collapse of Reintegration Tablet. Threat rating shows hidden potential not present in past appearances. Data packets seem mostly harmless, but there is a possibility of damage to S.T.O.C.K.H.O.L.M. if the situation is not contained. Best course of action for S.T.O.C.K.H.O.L.M. and Irregulars alike is

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  1. Well the end of tranmission cut out, that cannot possibly be a bad sign.

    Query: Was Tortoise initially part of the Reintegration Tablet's systems?

    See you around