Intercepted Transmissions


/OBSERVE: Results of preliminary testing\\Progress of cure\\Progress of Reintegration\\Quantum elements//Begin

//Show preliminary results of cure testing.

\\Please confirm: show preliminary results?

\\Confirmed. Please enter username and password. Username and password accepted.

\\Results: Cures 1-21, 86, 33, 112, 101, and 99 result in death of the Subject. Cures 80, 71, 53, 62, 26, 35, 44, 107, 116, 125, 134, 143, 152, and 161 are all possible successes.

\\All other cures have either non-relevant but non-fatal effects or no effect.

//Confirmed. Show progress on Reintegration.

\\Confirmed. Currently on step 99956 of Reintegration. Notification: Step 99956 of Reintegration complete. Moving on to step 99957.

//Confirm: Step 99956 is complete?


Notification: All organic subjects should now be considered to have a revised threat level of moderate or higher despite any evidence to the contrary.

Further interaction requires further input.

Addendum: Hidden messages located. Listing:

Somewhere ages and ages hence
Only so an hour
Find ourselves dishonorable graves
Out, out, brief candle!
If it had to perish twice
Be all my sins remember'd.
The woods around it have it - it is theirs
They cannot scare me with their empty faces
I have stopped dying now forever
A muddy world felt the universal standpoint shake
The fallen lance that lies unlifted
The devil hath no power to damn me
God has given you one face, and you take it from yourselves
There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your madness
A dream itself is but mad lies
He was a devil, take him for all in all, for his name is Hercules

Warning: Not appreciated. Further attacks will be taken in all seriousness.


  1. Yeaaaaaah. I'm just gonna let the Tablet relax for now.

    Next step of Reintegration is finding a cure for Indoctrinated? Just wanna make sure.

  2. Ready to engage in all out war eh computer?
    Well now that your done with this cure testing do you mind looking for some information for me?
    I need all information on "the ark".
    This is very important.
    - Indrid


    Input accepted. Response: Current step is finding best possible cure. Next step is implementation.


    Input accepted. Response: Error: Please specify which ark. Noah's Ark or The Ark?

  4. I'm looking for "the ark".
    It should not go back over 1000 years.
    anything older than that is unrelated.
    - Indrid

  5. Input accepted. Response: The Ark. A metaphysical representation of a physical concept. As the flood of the |OC| comes, where is there to escape to but The Ark? Possibly a safe haven or way to defeat the |OC| or its thralls. If The Ark can be found, it would be in either Cairo, Vladivostok, Dublin, or somewhere in the United States of America.

    Not much is known about The Ark.

    Warning: Switching to Standby for the night.

  6. Goodbye, Tablet.

    I was going to tell you to go to sleep, anyways. Best of luck.

    Crowley still here? Just got to ask him a question real quick. One last thing.

  7. Do you think Leslie and Freddifer are going to become a real threat?

    They're still out there, and even if they can't access the tablet, they can hinder us. They still have knives, and guns, and...

    Shit. Now I'm not going to be able to focus on my exam.

  8. Thanks for your information.
    This is the first lead i have had on the ark in a long time.
    - Indrid

  9. They seemed rather incompetent. I haven't met them, of course. But if they really are these...redlights...then yes, a real threat is possible.

  10. Well, Freddifer did, at least.

    Leslie seems a bit more concerning. They still managed to get to the Tablet, and 'take it over'...SOMEONE has to be organizing them, or they never would've made it inside.

  11. Do they? Because I haven't seen much evidence of organization at all. In any Indoctrinated.

  12. Well, you tell me how they got past the Neurotoxins and the cave and...and all of that stuff.

    How did they get into your precious Facility, if they were so incompetent? Wouldn't that make you even more incompetent?

  13. My Facility is not protected against interdimensional travel.

  14. So even if it's just the |OC|, they've got SOMETHING to make them a threat.

    That said, they're probably no smarter than Morningstar. I can probably do just fine. At least I know they're coming...

  15. Its a bit late, but good night, Tablet.

  16. Notification: Standby mode off. Responding to input.